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All of our clients are treated with kindness, compassion and in a caring manner.

I think I may be pregnant

What are typical pregnancy symptoms?

Free and Confidential

Includes a lab-certified Pregnancy Test and Ultrasound


We are here to empower women & men facing pregnancy decisions. If you think you may be pregnant, please know we are here to help! Our compassionate, trained staff and volunteers will talk with you through your options and are here to answer any questions you may have.

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“Everyone here was very respectful and made sure I was taken care of.”

“I never felt alone here.”

“I felt completely comfortable expressing my concerns and felt like I got a personalized experience in which my advocate truly cared about my situation.”

“The people made it feels safe. When you feel safe,  you can open up about your concerns. They don’t judge you about anything.

“It wasn’t just a pregnancy test, it was like they were getting to know me.”

“I truly felt cared for and that I could be honest about my fears and doubts. I love that everyone demonstrates love, patience and support.”

“My client advocate made me feel at home, took her time to explain in details all of the information I needed.”

“I felt at home and as if I knew the lady already.”

“The center is very helpful and made feel very safe and welcomed.”

“Thank you so much! You really opened my eyes to a lot. I never actually got any of that out there.”

“Everyone was so caring and comforting and made a very difficult situation bearable.”

“Thank you for your love and support no matter what the issue may be. This is a safe place for us to come and be honest and receive help.”

“How friendly the staff is. I did not feel pressured into doing anything. The staff is very informed on the services offered, and they gave me a lot of information that is helpful.”

“She listened and felt what I felt.”

“The compassion and honesty they show.”

“Talking with a client advocate just helped. It was good to have someone to just talk to.”

“I was listened to.”

“The sharing of things my client advocate went through made me feel like I’m not alone.”

“Being remembered.”

“I loved that I could just talk and be myself without being judged.”

“Thank you so much for extending your time, grace and resources toward helping me better understand my situation.”

“Even though I came alone,  I didn’t feel alone with my client advocate being here.”

“Talking with a friend.”

“Feeling accepted.”

“I felt like  my individual needs were met and the advice and attention was genuine and personalized.”

“You guys are awesome! I really feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders!”

“ I felt like I wasn’t alone. That my struggles were understood and that I wasn’t being judged.”

“Great customer service. When I walked in the building I felt warm and welcome with smiles.”

“I felt loved.”

“I recommend this place for any woman going through a new pregnancy.”

“Overall experience was amazing and I look forward to staying in contact with you all.”

“I felt very respected and the person who was helping  did a very good job explaining everything.”

“I felt validated in every sense of the word.”

“That she sat down and actually understood what I was going through and that I wasn’t alone. I will always have someone here.”

“I felt worried at first, after talking I felt a relief as if I was family.”

“The compassion and understanding and non-judgmental treatment I received.”

“They provide the best information.”

“How in depth we covered options as well as feelings. I loved how comfortable I felt the entire visit… I’m so grateful for the opportunity to talk and explore options and get information to make the best decision for me. I can’t thank you enough for everything.”

“Full disclosure of all information and discussion of all options."

“ I really liked how open and understanding it was, no pressure or judgement. Very respectful of my beliefs and opinions.”

“Thank you for your love and compassion to me. I am very glad I chose to come here today.”

“Made me feel that I was actually cared for.”

“ I was me in my own situation, not just another girl going through this."

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Athens Pregnancy Center does NOT refer for or perform abortions.


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