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Free Ultrasound Pregnancy Test

A positive test (including a home test) is an indication of pregnancy, but not a confirmation. The test result should be confirmed by an OB Ultrasound exam.

An OB Ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy and ensure your pregnancy is healthy. It can be a great indicator of how far along you are by using measurements to estimate the gestational age of the fetus.

A free limited OB Ultrasound can determine the following:

  • If your pregnancy is a potentially life-threatening tubal pregnancy.
  • The approximate age of your pregnancy.
  • Does the fetus have a heartbeat.
  • How developed is the fetus.
  • Is your pregnancy capable of developing under normal conditions.
  • If you would like to get a free limited ultrasound at our center, your first step is to schedule a free pregnancy test.

Note: The purpose of the ultrasound exam is not for identifying the gender (sex) of the baby.

When can I have an ultrasound?
Ultrasounds are scheduled according to how far along you are from the first day of your last period and are only able to be scheduled if you have a positive pregnancy test at Athens Pregnancy Center.

To have an ultrasound done the same day of your pregnancy test will be dependent on how far along you are and if we have appointments available.

What can I expect at my appointment?
It is our desire for every client to have a wonderful experience from the moment they walk in the doors of Athens Pregnancy Center. We have designed our center to help you feel welcomed and at home during your time here.
We recognize that every client’s needs are different and every situation that they may be experiencing is unique to them, so we tailor our time with you to best meet your needs.

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